The Challenge

We’re biking 300 miles from New York City to our home in Washington, DC in late September 2014.

Is it crazy? Well, yeah, a little…

Is it possible? Yes!

The ride is spread out over 5 days, with an average mileage of about 60 miles a day along the lovely backcountry roads of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Biking from New York City to Washington, DC

Biking from New York City to Washington, DC

Who’s Planning the Ride?

climateridelogoThe ride itself is organized and hosted by the fine folks at Climate Ride. We’ll be joining hundreds of other bikers who are making this trek and fundraising for environmental causes that they’re passionate about.

The awesome thing about Climate Ride is that everything is magically taken care of for us. Our route will be carefully mapped out ahead of time; we’ll have bike maintenance and health crews on call for emergencies; we’ll be fed and watered throughout each day; and we’ll have beds and hot showers available for us every night.

All we have to do is… well, ride! (A lot.)

Are You Sure You’re Prepared to Do It?

Right now? Nope.

We’re not prepared at all.

But… we will be! That’s where the whole challenge thing comes in, right? If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth having a whole website about. Trust us.

We started training at the beginning of May, and we’ll be biking our bums off all summer in preparation for this ride.

We’ve got an aggressive but doable training program that’s been approved by athletic trainers. It includes cardio, stretching, strength training, and plenty of long-distance rides where we increase the distance we ride each week.

As we go, we’re learning everything we can about bike form and technique, bike safety, and other fun stuff, like how to change a flat and how to not pass out while biking in 95-degree humidity (ah… summers in DC…).


Oh Yeah? Prove It.

Yeah, that’s the plan!

Of course with any big goal or challenge, you need a way to stay accountable. That’s where you all come in, dear friends and readers.

We’ll be blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting about our progress all summer long.

So, stay tuned for frequent updates about how we’re doing. And thanks in advance for your support!

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