The Cause

The last elephants in the world need our help.

Elephants are facing a population crisis of unprecedented levels. Last year, poachers killed more than 35,000 African elephants for their tusks, which were then smuggled and sold through an extremely profitable — and dangerous — illegal wildlife trafficking industry.

The overall African elephant population has plummeted nearly 70 percent since 1979.

They won’t last much longer — unless we do everything we can today.

Please support us as we bike for elephants to raise money for this iconic and noble species.


Who are you fundraising for?

AWF_navlogoWe’re biking for elephants to raise money for the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), a nongovernmental organization headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. AWF has a host of awesome programs aimed at helping to protect elephant populations (along with other species).

Some of the great work AWF does for elephants includes:

  • Strengthening the incentives for local African communities to protect their wildlife (such as through employment and sustainable tourism).
  • Fighting wildlife trafficking on the ground by training and funding wildlife scouts and rangers, and at the borders by funding canine units to detect smuggled ivory.
  • Reducing the demand for ivory, such as through outreach and education programs in China, the largest consumer of ivory products.
  • Researching elephants and their migration patterns, and conserving land so elephants can have the space they need to roam.
  • Are donations tax-deductible?

    Yes! All donations are processed through our ride organizers, Climate Ride, and are totally tax deductible. All donors will receive an e-tax receipt via email as record of their donation.

    Donate today!