Biking selfie at the Lyndon B. Johnson memorial one one of my training rides.

Biking selfie at the Lyndon B. Johnson memorial one one of my training rides.

Have you ever taken on a task so big it terrifies you? Have you ever set your sights on a goal so far away it seems unreachable?

Have you ever looked the impossible in the face… and dared to defy it?

I’m biking for elephants because I believe we’re all more capable of achieving great goals than we think we are.

For me, this cause is a personal passion. I’ve always been a huge fan of elephants (to put it mildly). And last September, I had the awesome pleasure of seeing these great gentle giants in the wild on a camping safari in Botswana.

The first time I saw a wild elephant from our truck, I literally screamed out loud in joy, without even realizing what I was doing… seriously, like a fan-crazed girl at a Beatles concert in the 1960′s. I even had tears streaming down my face at one point — that’s how big an elephant dork I am! (No, no, it was really just very dusty that day… dust in the contact lenses, you know…)

Anyway, it was amazing. I saw hundreds and hundreds of elephants in a single day. They extended from the riverbanks into the horizon as a wide sea of big black dots, as far as my eyes and binoculars could see.

These are just a handful of the elephants I saw that day.

These are just a handful of the elephants I saw that day.

There were so many of them that day!

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought elephants were doing just fine.

But about a year ago I started learning about the frighteningly steep upswing in poaching that’s happening across Africa right now. Elephants could be extinct in the wild in as little as 10 years if the current rate of poaching doesn’t stop.  

I don’t want the photos I took on my trip to be historical artifacts.  I don’t want to talk to my future kids and grandkids about elephants the way that we talk about the dodo.

Even though it seems impossible sometimes, I believe we can still save elephants from extinction if we’re strong enough to face the task.

That’s what’s motivating me to take on this seemingly impossible personal task — training to bike 300 miles and working to fundraise $3,000. It’s for elephants. It’s for me. It’s for all of us.

Your support means so much to me!

Your support as I take on this crazy physical challenge would mean so much to me. Please donate today!

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Extra Elephant Bonus Section: In addition to this ride, I help prove my passion for pachyderms by blogging for Elephants DC, a new local grassroots conservation nonprofit. Check them out, and join us for the 2nd annual International March for Elephants in DC on October 4!

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P.P.S. A small portion of my donations are also going to the excellent bicycling advocacy organization WABA. (These are the fantastic folks who lobby for bike lanes and better policies that keep me safer on the streets. Thanks WABA!)