43 Miles to Mount Vernon and Back!

Posted By on Jul 6, 2014 | 1 comment

43 Miles to Mount Vernon and Back!

Posted By on Jul 6, 2014 | 1 comment

I walk on untrodden ground.

–George Washington

I conquered my first big training milestone this weekend! It’s further than I’ve ever been before… but only a fraction of the distance I’ll go in September during the Climate Ride.

I’m gonna be totally honest and say… AHHHHH THAT WAS SO HARD.

I went really slowly. I took a thousand breaks. And I admit there was a stretch in the second half where I was so out of energy that I wondered if I would even be able to make it home. But… I did it!

This. Was. Hard. But... I did it!

This. Was. Hard. But… I did it!

What did I learn?

Well, first of all, I learned that I (surprise surprise) have a LOT more training to do. Right now I can easily envision getting to 60 miles in a day (the average daily mileage of the Climate Ride from New York to DC). But the part where I do 60 miles, go to bed, and then… wake up the next morning and do it again? 4 more times?

That’s not as easy to envision right now…

But you know what? Let’s look at how far I’ve come so far. Considering I could barely bike 2 miles when I started training at the beginning of May, reaching this first milestone is huge. If I’m dedicated and consistent in my work, I’ll reach new milestones I can barely even dream of right now.

I also learned a bit about this stubborn determination of mine. No one said this challenge I’m putting myself through was going to be easy, especially not me. But I was stubborn enough to finish the ride I started this weekend, and I’ll be stubborn enough to keep training until the big ride in September.

Fierce determination in the face of a seemingly impossible challenge can change the world. And here I am… I’m just riding a bike! Piece of cake.

I biked to Mount Vernon, and here's the giant George Washington lollipop to prove it.

I biked to Mount Vernon, and here’s the giant George Washington lollipop to prove it.

What’s next?

The next big goal is a 50 mile ride. But I’m also going to focus on stepping up my strength training, and learning how to eat for long-distance rides so I don’t totally run out of energy mid-way. Even if it means eating those weird energy gel things…

I can do it!

[Credits: Cover photo by Rob Shenk]

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  1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will be successful. I am pretty sure you will get nice breaks each day during your cycling and hopefully the support crew will be there when you need them. Wish I could do this with you but Ireland calls.
    Stay hydrated and have fun.

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